Case IH® SERIAL numbers


Case IH® Engine Serial Number (ESN)

Decoding Case IH® engine serial numbers can provide valuable information about the engine’s specifications, manufacturing date, and other relevant details. Here’s a general guideline on how to decode Case IH® engine serial numbers:

The engine serial number is typically stamped vertical in the block.

  • Locate the serial number: The engine serial number is typically stamped or engraved on the engine block or a nameplate attached to the engine.
  • Identify the model series: Case IH® engines come in various series, such as the FPT (Fiat Powertrain® Technologies) Cursor series or other models. The serial number may include a prefix or series identifier indicating the engine model.
  • Decode the serial number: While the specific breakdown may vary depending on the engine model and series, common elements in a Case IH engine serial number might include:
    • Engine family: The first few characters or digits may represent the engine family or series.
    • Production plant code: Some serial numbers may include a code indicating the manufacturing plant or location.
    • Manufacturing date: Certain digits or characters within the serial number may indicate the manufacturing date or production year.
    • Unique serial number: The remaining characters typically represent a unique serial number assigned to the engine.

Case IH® Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or PIN

Each manufacturer of Case IH® (Case International) assigns a distinctive identifier known as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to every vehicle. The VIN consists of 17 characters, comprising letters and digits, which encapsulate fundamental vehicle specifications.

The VIN of a CASE IH® can typically be found at these locations:

  • VIN embossed on a vehicle frame in the engine area (around the transmission crossmember)
  • Windshield on the driver’s side corner
  • Doorjamb at driver’s side

VIN Schema for Case IH®

The VIN schema for Case IH® typically follows the standard format established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). A Case IH® VIN usually consists of 17 characters, which can vary depending on the year of manufacture and regional regulations. While the specific breakdown of characters can vary, typically, the VIN provides information such as the manufacturer, model year, manufacturing plant code, and a unique serial number. However, for precise details regarding the VIN schema for Case IH® tractors or equipment, it’s best to refer to the official documentation provided by Case IH® or consult with one of our sales team.
Case IH VIN Numbers
On early models loaders and tractors were not designed at the same time, if the VIN plate was located directly above the front axle beam on the right side riveted to the front bolster – the factory loader frame would cover it up. The installation instructions that came with loaders suggested the installer stamp the number on top of the bolster.

Where are Case IH® Tractors Manufactured?

Case IH® employs a global manufacturing and sourcing strategy to produce its range of tractors, utilising components and expertise from various regions to ensure quality and meet market demands.

United States: High-end Case IH®  tractors, including the Magnum®  series, are assembled in Racine, Wisconsin. Additionally, Steiger®  and Quadtrac®  articulated tractors are manufactured in Fargo, North Dakota.
Europe: Some components and assembly may take place in Europe. For example, components like powershift units and transmissions may be sourced from locations such as Japan, Germany (Passau), and Austria (Steyr). Cursor engines, used in many Case IH®  tractor lines, are manufactured at FPT Industrial’s plant in Bourbon-Lancy, central France.
Other Regions: Depending on the model and market demand, Case IH®  have additional manufacturing facilities or assembly plants in other regions to cater to specific markets or production needs.

Parts For Case IH® Engines

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