Engine Parts

KMP Heavy Duty premium quality replacement engine parts.


Premium quality replacement engine parts suitable for Caterpillar® machines.


KMP parts suitable for Cummins® engines. Designed for outstanding performance.


Robust replacement engine parts suitable for Komatsu® construction and mining machines.


Precision engineered replacement parts suitable for Detroit Diesel® branded engines.

KMP Brand® is a global company that supplies high quality KMP Brand®replacement engine parts suitable for Caterpillar®, Komatsu®, Cummins® and Detroit Diesel® engines. KMP Brand® parts are known for their exceptional quality backed with dedicated service and support.

Our extensive range of KMP Brand® replacement engine parts includes Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Pistons, Ring Sets, Pumps, Gaskets and much more. KMP also supplies complete KMP Brand ® replacement Engine Overhaul Kits suitable for Caterpillar®, Cummins®, Komatsu® and Detroit Diesel® engines.

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge; our aim is to provide a wide range of affordable, quality products that ensure high performance and reliability. Find out today what makes KMP Brand® Engine parts one of the leading engine part suppliers in the world.