John deere®Engine Identification


Identify Your John Deere® Engine

Discover the serial number of your John Deere ® engine with this user-friendly guide.

John Deere® engines find application in a wide range of industries, including construction, marine, agriculture, forestry, as well as in air compressors, generator sets, irrigation pumps, and on-highway applications for natural gas. In this article we focus on the engines used for agricultural machinery.

John Deere® Engine Data Plate Location.

If you are looking for replacement parts for your John Deere® engine, you’ll need to have a few numbers on hand to help ensure you get the right parts for your machine. Because each engine manufacturer has a unique way of numbering their engines, make sure you know where to find the information for your model. The data plate is either located on the side of the block; the side tends to vary depending on the engine model. Or, can be found situated on or near the valve cover of your engine. The valve cover is situated at the top of the engine. Gathering as much detailed information as possible about your engine ensures a higher level of confidence when selecting the correct parts for your needs.

what’s the Difference Between the PIN and the ESN?

Tractors are categorised and identified by their year and model numbers, featuring serial numbers. Modern John Deere® tractors typically have 13-17 alphanumeric digits, while those manufactured before the 1970s bear a 5-6 digit serial number. 

With the John Deere VIN/PIN number, you can ascertain details such as the manufacturing year, production facility, installed transmission and engine specifications, emission levels, and other tractor specifications. The engine serial number (ESN) is different to the machine serial number and is particularly valuable for streamlining the search for John Deere® engine parts.  

John Deere Engine Identification

How To Read Your John Deere® ESN

Every character within the ESN represents a specific attribute, indicating either the tractor’s size, engine power or configuration.

The plate contains essential information, including the Serial Number, Number of Cylinders, Engine Displacement in Litres or Cubic Inches, Fuel Intake (e.g. Naturally Aspirated, Turbocharged, or Turbo Aftercooled), and the factory of manufacture. Additionally, there is another plate listing Engine Option Codes, each represented by a four-digit number. The initial two digits identify a specific group or engine area, while the remaining two digits specify the particular option and its application. 

John Deere® Engine Serial Number

John Deere Engine Identification

John Deere® ESN Decoder

Code Identifier Your Engine
TO Engine Manufacturer/Factory/Country Dubuque, Iowa, USA
6 Number Of Cylinders 6 Cylinder Engine
059 Engine Displacement In Litres 059 (5.9 Litre) (Bore 4.19" x Stroke 4.33")
T Emission/Aspiration Code Turbocharger
544668 Engine Serial Number Sequence 544668
6059T Engine Model Number 6059T
F Engine User/Marketing Unit F
002 Application/Version 150 or above denotes a PowerTech Engine

Engine Manufacturer Factory Codes

Code Factory
CD John Deere Usine De Saran, France
PE Torreón, Mexico
TO Dubuque, Iowa, USA

PowerTech™ Engine identification

In 1996, John Deere® introduced a new series of engines known as PowerTech™ to adhere to Tier 1 standards. Subsequently, the company has consistently employed a building-block approach to satisfy evolving regulatory Tiers, progressively incorporating technologies into the PowerTech™ platform.
There is a prevalent misunderstanding between the older “Litre” designated 300 Series John Deere engines and the newer PowerTech™ engines. This confusion arises from the fact that the engine model numbers, which signify displacement, remain unchanged. However, it’s crucial to note that despite the identical model numbers, these engines are entirely distinct, and there is minimal interchangeability of parts between them.

When ordering replacement parts, it is beneficial to determine whether your engine is a PowerTech™ or not. Despite sharing similar model designations with the Series 300, these engines require distinct parts. While there might be a sticker on the valve cover indicating if it’s a PowerTech™, it could have been dislodged during operation. Instead, examine the model number located beneath the serial number on the engine serial number plate. If the model number concludes with 150, 151, 180, 220, 250, 275, or a higher value, it indicates a PowerTech™ engine.

300 Series or PowerTech™?

Code Factory 300 SeriesPowerTech™
CD John Deere Usine De Saran, France ESN up to 499999 ESN 500000 and up
PE Torreón, Mexico ESN 001000 and up
TO Dubuque, Iowa, USA ESN up to 699999 ESN 700000 and up

Additional Identifiers:

  • PowerTech™: The front engine mounts feature an “L” shaped bolt pattern with three mounting capscrews, positioned outward on both sides and the front of the engine, consistent with the configuration of previous 300 Series engines.
  • PowerTech™: The water pump, it is integrated into the front cover, specifically on the right side when viewed from the flywheel end, and is situated in a lower position.
  • PowerTech™: The lift pump (fuel transfer pump) is situated towards the rear of the engine, deviating from the placement seen in the “Litre” and “Inch” designated models.
  • PowerTech™: For engines with a 300 Series Litre displacement, fasteners encircle the perimeter of the valve cover to secure it to the cylinder head. In contrast, PowerTech™ engines fasteners are centrally located on the valve cover. .

Emission/Aspiration Code

Older Engines

Code Aspiration
D Naturally Aspirated
T Turocharger
A Turbocharged, air to coolant aftercooled
H Turbocharged, air to air aftercooled
S Turbocharged, air to sea water aftercooled

Modern Engines

Code Emission Certification
B Non-Certified
C, E, or F Tier 1/Stage I emission certified
G, J, or K Tier 2/Stage II emission certified
L, M, N, or P Tier 3/Stage III emission certified

Why Do I need the John Deere® ESN when ordering replacement engine parts?

As is the case with various engine serial numbers, having this information is crucial to ensure the accurate selection of parts for your John Deere® engine. The challenges encountered with PowerTech™ engines underscore the inadequacy of relying solely on a model number. Without distinguishing between them, there’s a risk of purchasing incompatible parts, leading to unnecessary expenditures of time and money

By providing your engine serial number, our team can efficiently access information about your engine, ensuring the compatibility of the requested parts. 

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We take great pride in the quality of our products – when you choose KMP, you can have complete confidence in the performance and dependability of our parts.

Whether you’re a trade professional or a retail customer, we have convenient options for you to purchase KMP Brand products. You can easily order parts through our user-friendly ecommerce store or register for a trade account to access additional benefits.



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