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Iveco Tector® & NEF ®turbo charger


In October, 2017, KMP® Brand announced the launch of new parts, suitable for IVECO Tector® and NEF®  engines. KMP currently supplies replacement parts suitable for IVECO® and NEF® including turbocharger parts and components which also consist of fitting gaskets.

The benefits that come with an IVECO/NEF turbocharger, for a suitable engine, includes high performance, which will sustain the original power of the vehicle, reduced fuel consumption, and a better air/fuel ratio due to the bespoke vehicle design and high-quality temperature-resistant materials’ and NEF® turbochargers also ensure low environmental impact on the engines (i.e. low vibration, noise and smoke.)

Both turbocharger parts control the inflow of exhaust gases to improve the turbine power in the engine and match the demanded power. This means that the best power can be delivered even at the lowest RPM (revolution per minute).

KMP® Brand covers the following IVECO® & NEF® engine parts:




Iveco 504040250 F4AE0681
Iveco 504046871 F4AE3681
Iveco 504094261 F4AE0481
Iveco 504094449 F4AE0481
Iveco 504385728 F4AE0481
NEF 504385728 F4AE0481
NEF 504043175 NEF 45 TIER 3
NEF 504047816 NEF 67 TIER 2, NEF 67 TIER 3
NEF 504053177 NEF 45 TIER 3
NEF 504057286 NEF 45 TIER 2
NEF 504257855
NEF 8034618 NEF 45 TIER 2

Parts Catalogue

Our parts catalogues are now digital. You can access all the information about parts suitable for your IVECO Tector® and NEF® tractor through our online trade portal or our ecommerce stores. Use the links below to access our full range of parts.
By using genuine KMP parts, you can be confident in the quality and compatibility of the components, as they are engineered to seamlessly integrate with your IVECO Tector® or NEF® existing systems. This helps to preserve the original performance and functionality of your equipment, ensuring that it operates at its best and delivers consistent results. Whether you’re a retail or trade customer, we have options to suit your needs.