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KMP Brand® Cylinder Heads & Components

When it comes to heavy machinery and industrial equipment, the role of the cylinder head cannot be overstated. KMP stock an extensive range of KMP Brand® replacement cylinder heads and associated components suitable for Caterpillar®, Cummins®, Komatsu®, Detroit Diesel®, Case IH®, Ford New Holland®, Massey Ferguson®, JCB®, John Deere®, Perkins®, Iveco®, and NEF® engines.
Cylinder heads play a pivotal role in the internal combustion engines of various machines, ensuring optimal performance and durability. KMP, a renowned name in the world of heavy equipment and machinery parts, supply high-quality replacement cylinder heads for a wide range of machines, including those from Caterpillar®, Cummins®, Komatsu®, Detroit Diesel®, Case IH®, Ford New Holland®, Massey Ferguson®, John Deere®, Perkins®, Iveco®, and NEF®.
Cylinder Heads & Components

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Main Functions of the Cylinder Head

The cylinder head is a critical component of an internal combustion engine. It is situated at the top of the engine block and serves several vital functions:

Investing in high-quality products can make a significant difference in the performance and longevity of your equipment. Quality cylinder heads help to reduce wear and tear on your equipment, ensuring that it operates efficiently and smoothly.

Sealing the Combustion Chamber: The cylinder head forms a seal over the engine’s combustion chamber, ensuring that the high-pressure, high-temperature combustion gases remain contained.

Directing Airflow:Cylinder heads have intricate designs with channels and passages to facilitate the movement of air and fuel into the combustion chamber and exhaust gases out of it. This ensures efficient combustion and exhaust.
Mounting for Valves:The cylinder head provides mounting surfaces for intake and exhaust valves, which control the flow of air, fuel, and exhaust gases in and out of the combustion chamber.
Heat Dissipation: KMP It plays a role in dissipating the heat generated during combustion to prevent overheating of the engine.

What’s The Difference Between The Cylinder Head And The Cylinder Block?

The cylinder head and cylinder block are two essential components in an internal combustion engine, and each serves distinct but interrelated functions.

Primarily responsible for sealing the combustion chamber, the cylinder head controls the intake and exhaust of air and gases, and houses components like valves and springs.

The cylinder block, on the other hand, provides the foundation for the engine, housing the cylinders, crankshaft, and supporting the engine’s overall structure. These two components work together to enable the engine’s combustion process and power generation.

Signs Your Cylinder Head Needs Replacing:

Over time, cylinder heads can deteriorate due to wear and tear or mechanical issues. Some signs that indicate your cylinder head may need replacement include:
  • Overheating: If your engine consistently overheats, it could be due to a damaged or warped cylinder head that is no longer effectively dissipating heat.
  • Loss of Compression: Reduced engine power, rough idling, or misfiring can result from a damaged cylinder head, causing a loss of compression.
  • Coolant or Oil Leaks: Cylinder head gaskets can develop leaks, leading to coolant or oil seeping into the combustion chamber or outside the engine.
  • Visible Damage: Cracks, warping, or corrosion on the cylinder head are clear indicators that it may need replacement.

Cylinder Head Components

The specific components and their design can vary among different diesel engines and manufacturers, but these are the fundamental parts found in a typical diesel engine cylinder head:
Valves: Diesel engines typically have intake and exhaust valves that are controlled by the camshaft. These valves open and close to allow air to enter the combustion chamber and exhaust gases to exit.
Valve Springs: Valve springs ensure that the valves close properly and maintain a tight seal, preventing gas leakage.

Valve Seats: The valve seats are machined surfaces within the cylinder head where the valves make contact when closed. These seats ensure a proper seal and help with heat dissipation.

Valve Guides: Valve guides are cylindrical inserts that guide the movement of the valves, helping them open and close smoothly.
Valve Seals: Valve seals are small rings that prevent oil from leaking into the combustion chamber and guide the valve stems.

Combustion Chamber: This is where the air and fuel mix, ignite, and create power. The shape and design of the combustion chamber play a significant role in engine efficiency.

Injector Ports: Diesel engines use fuel injectors to spray diesel fuel into the combustion chamber. Injector ports provide a pathway for the injectors to deliver fuel.

Glow Plugs: Some diesel engines, especially in cold climates, use glow plugs to preheat the air in the combustion chamber for easier starting. These may be integrated into the cylinder head.

Coolant Passages: Cylinder heads have passages for coolant flow to maintain the optimal operating temperature of the engine.
Exhaust Ports: These ports connect the combustion chamber to the exhaust system, allowing the escape of burned gases and emissions.
Camshaft Bore: The camshaft is responsible for actuating the valves, and it typically runs through a bore in the cylinder head.
Bolts or Studs: Cylinder heads are secured to the engine block using bolts or studs, ensuring a proper seal and alignment.
Head Gasket: A head gasket is placed between the cylinder head and the engine block to create a tight seal, preventing leakage of combustion gases, coolant, and oil.
Dowel Pins: Dowel pins are used for precise alignment of the cylinder head with the engine block.
Rocker Arms and Pushrods: In some diesel engines, rocker arms and pushrods are used to transmit motion from the camshaft to the valves.
Intake and Exhaust Manifolds: These components connect to the cylinder head, providing a path for intake air and exhaust gases to flow to and from the engine.
Injector Tubes: Diesel engines may have injector tubes that guide fuel from the injectors to the combustion chamber.

Replacement Cylinder Heads

KMP Brand® cylinder heads & components are produced in state-of-art manufacturing facilities to high specifications, designed to work flawlessly with KMP Brand® gaskets.

Our engine valves, valve seats, valve guides and valve springs offer outstanding heat and corrosion resistance needed for the demanding heavy duty sector.