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KMP Brand ® Engine Overhaul Kits

KMP also provide a range of engine overhaul kits, out-of-frame-kits and in-frame kits suitable for a variety of Caterpillar, Cummins, Komatsu and Detroit Diesel engines. All kits contain quality KMP Brand ® replacement engine parts.

Caterpillar Overhaul Kits

Our Caterpillar engine overhaul kits are suitable for the following Caterpillar engines: 

3054 3176/3176B 3406 C7

3056 3176C 3408 C9

3066 3208 (Non Turbo with block 9N0130) 3412 C11

3114 3208 (Non Turbo with block 9N3120) 3508 C12

3116(early model) 3208 (Turbo with block 9N0130) 3512 C15

3116(late model) 3208 (Turbo with block 9N3120) 3516 C16

3126 3304 (Use new style tapered con rods) 3520 C18

3204 3306 (use new style tapered con rods) C6.6  

Cummins Overhaul Kits

Our Cummins engine overhaul kits are suitable for the following Cummins engines:

4B 3.3 NH220 KT3067 ISB QSC

4B 3.9 NT855 V378 ISC ASK

6B 5.9 K19 V504 ISD QSL

6C 8.3 K38 V555 ISF QSM

L10 K50 V903 ISL QST

M11 KT1150 VTA28 ISM QSX

N14 KT2300 VT1710 QSB QSV

Komatsu Overhaul Kits

Our Komatsu engine overhaul kits are suitable for the following Komatsu engines: 

4D95 SA6D102 S6D110 S4D130 S6D155

S4D95 SAA6D102 SA6D110 S6D140 SA6D155

6D95 4D105 SA6D114 SA6D140 S6D170

S6D95 6D105 SAA6D114 SAA6D140 SA6D170

SA6D95 S6D105 6D125 SDA6D140 SA6D170E

S4D102 S6D108 S6D125 SA12V140 NH220-C1

SAA41D02 SA6D108 SA6D125 SAA12V140 NTA8FF-1

S6D102 SAA6D108 SAA6D125 S4D155  

Detroit Diesel Overhaul Kits

Our Detroit Diesel engine kit ranges include:

53 series engine parts 92 series engine parts

53 series engine kits 92 series engine kits

71 in-line series engine parts 60 series engine parts

71 in-line series engine kits 60 series engine kits

V71 series engine parts 149 series engine parts

V71 series engine kits fuel injectors

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