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40th Saudi Agriculture Show


Participating in the 40th Saudi Agriculture Show in Riyadh was an exciting experience for KMP Brand®. Collaborating with our esteemed distributor, Murbarak Alkhaneen, as co-exhibitors added to the excitement. The highlight of the event was the formalization of a substantial contract for the distribution of KMP Brand products in the Saudi market, marking a significant milestone for our brand in the region.

The deal was successfully sealed through the efforts of our  Sales Director, John Mcharg, and the CEO of Murbarak Alkhaneen, Abdul Rahman Mubarak. Their collaborative approach and strategic negotiations were complemented by the invaluable support of our Regional Sales Manager, Wesam Bahrani. 

This achievement not only underscores our commitment to the Saudi market but also strengthens the bond with our trusted distributor. We look forward to the positive impact of this venture and the continued success of KMP Brand in the dynamic Saudi agricultural landscape.

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